Fotokonst Mount Taranaki under Moonlight

Fotokonst - Mount Taranaki under Moonlight

Fotograf: Yan Zhang
Bildens id: 979167







Titel: Mount Taranaki under Moonlight, Fotograf: Yan Zhang

Fotografens beskrivning: Mount Taranaki, also called Mount Egmont, is an active but quietscent volcano located in Taranaki region in the west coast of the North Island, New Zealand. The 2518-metre-high mountain is one of the most symmetrical volcanic cones in the world. In early July 2015, I undertook a backpacking trip to this mountain. I trekked to two specific mountain huts: Maketawa Hut and Pouakai Hut, and witnessed one of the most dramatic weather phenomenons I have ever met during my stay in the mountain. During my stay in Pouakai Hut, starting at mid night of 2 July 2015, severe storm attacked this area and lasted for about 20 hours: the wind speed reached above 100 km/hour, and I could feel the hut was shaking all the times. Nothing I could do except staying in the hut. But I had a hope to have interesting light conditions when the storm stopped. The storm ceased around 8pm, 3 July 2015. From that moment, my photography around this place just began... After finishing my shooting around the hut, I came to this location at 3:30am on 4 July 2015. It was a full moon night. The starry sky was impressive over the summit of Mount Taranaki. This is one single shot capturing such amazing mountain and sky and their reflections in the tarn.




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