Fotokonst Autumn Impression

Fotokonst - Autumn Impression

Fotograf: Yan Zhang
Bildens id: 944257







Titel: Autumn Impression, Fotograf: Yan Zhang

Fotografens beskrivning: It was an exciting experience to the region of Patagonia. During a 3-week expedition in April 2015, we explored both Torres del Paine in Chile and Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina through extensive hiking and backpacking. Autumn colors in Patagonia are simply beautiful. For making this image, we hiked 10 km to the mountain from small town El Chalten and camped two nights in Poincenot campsite. In two days we got a chance to explore the surrounding areas close to Mount Fitz Roy. This image was a result from one single shot, taken during a sunrise morning from a spot off the trail. After trying various shutter speeds, I was finally able to capture some subtle details of the running water, while Mount Fitz Roy was clearly in the view.




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