Poster: Underwater Hurdling

Konstnär: Christophe Kiciak

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Motiv: Underwater Hurdling. All the photos and editing by me. This one is mostly for fun! Why lose your time with usual and boring sports when you could do silly and crazy ones? ;-) - All the fishes and the turtle were photographed at the Paris Tropical Aquarium. As usual with such places, high ISO settings are required! - I shot some water texture at the river next to my house. - The ground was also photographed in the same area. - I bought some cheap fins and diving mask, and posed with them in my home studio: let me tell you that jumping decently with these things is hard, haha! Way too hard for me anyway. I had to shoot the lower part of the body separately (I hang myself to a beam with my arms), then used another photo of the upper part of my body to create the composite. The lighting setup was prepared with the final image in mind: 2 softboxes from behind/above the model, then a third frontal strobe for some filling. - My wife kindly built a hurdle out of wood, and painted it. - The bubbles were photographed at home, in a small aquarium that I put in my studio. Thanks for watching!