Fotokonst Delirium Tremens

Fotokonst - Delirium Tremens

Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak
Bildens id: 667067







Titel: Delirium Tremens, Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak

Fotografens beskrivning: Everything photographed and composed by me. Why is alcohol so popular? Why is this drug culturally so positively perceived, despite all the problems and deaths it is responsible for? A first explanation lies probably in the short-term effects of such beverage. Alcohol increases self-confidence, sociability, and decreases anxiety: it is easy to temporarily feel like being a better person, which is always good for ego. As a consequence, under such influence, people tend to try things they usually wouldn't: attempt physically dangerous things even though you are usually afraid of them, go talk to that beautiful lonely woman even though you are usually too shy for that, use bad language even though you are usually very polite, etc. After all, it is very natural to aspire becoming a better person. Of course, those effects are a lie, just an illusion. Most people are aware of that, but keep drinking anyway, be it occasionally or regularly. Just an illusion, but a strong one. This is where things can easily get pretty bad. In addition of the previously mentioned effects, one could also quote delayed reactions, impaired senses, dizziness, vomiting, decreased heart rate, impaired memory, unconsciousness. These ones unfortunately lead to accidents, injuries, or even direct and violent deaths. Moreover, everyone also knows about alcohol addiction. This drug is quite powerful, and getting rid of it once it managed to intoxicate your life is extremely hard. Keep in mind that in western countries, about 10% of the population had or has some serious alcohol dependance problem. An incredibly huge ratio. In that creation, I tried to illustrate what kind of lying beast is alcohol. I symbolized it using those eyeballs and the giant tongue, which becomes a smiling woman, looking much better than the thing itself, designed trap its victims efficiently. The man doesn't seem to realize what is really happening, and his life is slowly being flushed in a vortex, including his own body, his money, his family and friends. You can see that I represented those with their heads covered: too often, relatives choose to look away, and let the person sink. Technically, it is composed of 39 photos I took: - 3 shots for the sky - 1 shot for the man - 1 shot for the woman - 2 shots for the vortex - 6 shots for the eyes - 1 shot for the wine - 1 shot for the giant glass - 1 shot for the big cork the man is lying on - 3 shots for the money - 2 shots for the wine spills - 1 shot for the plank - 6 shots for the little characters - 4 shots for the bottles - 3 shots for the thong - 2 shots for the decomposing leg - 2 shots for the detached foot Thanks for watching!




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