Poster: Greed

Konstnär: Christophe Kiciak

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Motiv: Greed. Everything photographed and edited by me. Money has an incredibly high attraction power. Of course, since it is the most obvious key to a comfortable life, it is no wonder that (almost) everyone wants a slice of the pie. However, when we attain that goal, when we virtually have enough to live decently and secure a roof over our heads, we often want more and more, with no substantial reason. I often hear many sentences about those hypothetical reasons, things like "Winners always want more", "Money shows your success, your ambition" or "Why not take it if you can". I understand that to some point. I must confess that it can give an exhilarating feeling, like being an eagle overflying the crowd ; not necessarily with any disdain, but with some self-satisfaction flowing through the veins, in the Freudian meaning of the term. Then you switch your giant TV set on, read some of the newspapers you receive every morning, or talk to relatives and slowly realize that the pie is not infinite. Taking more implies leaving less. Leaving less means some won't have enough for their own direct survival. It is very tempting to ignore that, or even pretend it is false, or "more complicated than that", in order to go on stacking bigger numbers on bank accounts with a light mind. It is always easy to talk, of course. "Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie", as said Pink Floyd. I believe greed is one of the most (if not the most) fundamental problem of Humanity, which could cause its loss, or at least dramatically slow its evolution. Greed causes largely unbalanced resource sharing, causes envy, causes war, and death. And when direct war is avoided, poverty still forces people to buy the cheapest goods or food, which forces companies to find ways of producing those low-cost goods, and exploiting workers (sometimes abroad in the poorest countries), also killing them in the process, or dramatically reducing their life length. It would be easy to go on blaming on the system, but most people actually support it... even poor ones. We want money, and when we have some, we keep wanting more and more, perpetuating the whole process. No easy solution. Greed is powerful. Ironically, even the richer persons in the world die. I personally refuse to spend the short amount of time I have on this world running after money. Granted, some is necessary, but I hope I can handle (more or less) my appetite, and avoid dying like the guy on my photo. I like the fact I actually posed for it: it will act like a little self-reminder when choices will come up, either to give up the race when it is time, or either as a consolation when I'm broken! Some technical facts about the image: - I shot my auto-portrait in my home studio. I had to cover myself with mud, then my wife help me with some barbecue sauce. By the way, I recommend to NOT use barbecue sauce on the skin, I discovered it irritates it... I had big red marks on the face for a day! - The money is of course fake. I simply printed some one hundred dollars bills for those that were visible, then used newspapers to make the stacks bigger. My wife was very kind and cut hundreds of those: as usual her help was invaluable. - A few bills were shot separately (for example, those in my eyes or in my belly). - The ground was photographed on an empty parking - The branch comes from my garden - The processing was rather straightforward: of course, I had to mask and assemble the various photos together, create some shadows here and there, but aside of that, no deformation nor any tricky part. Thanks for watching!