Fotokonst Life

Fotokonst - Life

Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak
Bildens id: 576951







Titel: Life, Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak

Fotografens beskrivning: All the photos and editing by me. Life's ability to reproduce itself is staggering. When you think about it, almost any creature in the world can create another one: what an accomplishment! Unicellular organisms, fishes, birds, mammals, mushrooms, trees... They all have their own way to successfully reach that goal, despite the fact it is an incredibly complex task. Some don't need any partner and are able to divide themselves, some lay eggs and create life externally, some perform the whole process in their own body... or some cleverly mix various ways. While we struggle to actually fully understand how the human body works, other animals or plants don't care the slightest about it, yet everything works mostly smoothly. So impressive. This contemplation inspired me this image, as a metaphor of life creating life. I hope you like it. Technically, here is how I created this image: - The jellyfishes were photographed at an aquarium, at 3200 ISO, f/2.8, because of the lack of light. The use of flash was forbidden, but I don't think it would have worked very well anyway with the reflection of the glass. I find these beings fascinating: their ballet in the moving waters is absolutely beautiful. I probably spent a full hour in front of them, photographing their poses again and again. - My (pregnant) wife was kind enough to pose for this project. We shot her photo in our home-studio. It is essentially a single photo, except for the hair that was photographed separately. - The ribbon (symbolizing an umbilical cord) is composed of 12 separate photos. I had to take a lot of various shots to be able to stitch the different sections and obtain the desired global shape. - For the bubbles, I used a small tank that I filled with water in my studio. I simply moved my hand through it to create bubbles. Thanks for watching, much appreciated.




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