Fotokonst In the bowels of the mountain-BW

Fotokonst - In the bowels of the mountain-BW

Fotograf: Vito Guarino
Bildens id: 563786







Titel: In the bowels of the mountain-BW, Fotograf: Vito Guarino

Fotografens beskrivning: Monte Generoso railway - Galleria Piancone 1395 m On a previus excursion to the Monte Generoso I had noticed this gallery. I had hit the wall and the light that exalted the particular dark grey structure covered with veining of white limestone. He seemed to be in the dark belly of a large animal. I shot some pictures and I promised myself to come back with a sturdy tripod. The opportunity has arrived with the photo for the weekly theme. Among the many photos I shot, this was the one I liked more. The subject at the end of the tunnel, it's me. "The Monte Generoso railway or Ferrovia Monte Generoso (MG) is a mountain railway line in the Italian speaking canton of Ticino, in south-east Switzerland. The line runs from Capolago, on Lake Lugano, to a terminus near the summit of Monte Generoso. It is the highest railway in Ticino. The summit (1,701 m or 5,581 ft) offers extensive views over the Lombardy Plain and towards the Alps. Whilst the railway lies entirely within Switzerland, the summit station is only a few metres from the international border with the Italian region of Lombardy. " From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




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