Poster: Survival

Konstnär: Christophe Kiciak

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Motiv: Survival. As time passes, I feel more and more disillusioned by human beings. Of course, I can\'t deny the fact that, as a whole, Humanity achieved impressive things, but as sub-groups or even individuals, results are frankly pathetic. I remember that, as a kid, I was looking at adults with much respect, as models, as goals: now that I am one of them, I see the truth, and I am ashamed. The key word here is intolerance. It\'s simply everywhere, everyday. I don\'t think I need to be specific, but I can point out a few obvious examples: money, religion, sex orientation, skin color, nationality, education level, artistic tastes, etc. Everything is an excuse to start some kind of war, of crusade, against. Always against. Crush the rest to prove your value. Pathetic. When it comes to those\"end of world\" discussions, I thought a bit about the subject, and failed to see much reason to actually regret human beings disappearance, besides the usual egocentric thoughts. I don\'t see how our presence is useful to anything, except to ourselves. So I simply imagined how I would feel the last day, and tried to depict it metaphorically: cold, dry, hopeless, defenseless, scared to the bone, still breathing thanks to the survival instinct, which would be obviously useless in such case. The image is by no mean a realistic situation: reality is not my point, generally speaking. I don\'t care about it when I create my pictures, I am much more driven by emotions, impressions, feelings. A vision of the mind, not of the eye. I\'m sure you can understand my point of view, even if you disagree with it. Some technical considerations: - Everything was shot in my home studio, using the very same lighting setup to keep it consistent. This means I had to cover the floor with ashes (coming from my barbecue and chimney cleanings) - I used 4 different photos of the two subjects holding themselves: my wife and I were posing, and it is always tricky to do it correctly without anyone to guide you. In fact, no photo was satisfactory, so I selected one for the general position, one for the heads position, one for the left arms position, and finally one for the legs. - The smoke was shot there too, using a smoke machine. - The hand and face in the ashes were also shot on the place. - The ghostly faces in the smoke are mine (deformed of course, I don\'t look that bad). Thank you all, your feedback is much appreciated!