Fotokonst Jack-o\'-Scarecrow

Fotokonst - Jack-o\'-Scarecrow

Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak
Bildens id: 55140







Titel: Jack-o\'-Scarecrow, Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak

Fotografens beskrivning: As usual, everything shot and edited by me. A month ago, I spotted a dead tree while driving on the highway. There was lots of fog that day, and it looked perfectly creepy, covered with myriads of ravens on its branches. I immediately thought: \"I need this one for a Halloween image!\". So I went there a few weeks later. When I arrived I realized that unfortunately, it was standing in the middle of a sand quarry. It was of course forbidden to enter, but since there was no worker, I parked my car a bit further away and climbed over the fence. The area was mostly a swamp with high herbs, and very quickly I got wet and covered in mud to the belt. Fantastic. When I finally reached the damn tree, there was not a single raven in view, to my disappointment. I took some photos of the tree nonetheless, and headed back to my car, with a new mission: find ravens on the way back to home. Who knew these damn birds were such a pain to photograph?! I saw some of these in fields along the road: cars were passing by, and they just didn\'t care about, so I was quite confident that it would be an easy task... but as soon as I actually stopped the car, they immediately flew away! Each and every time! Damn birds. No way to reach them by walking to them, the results were even worse. Damn birds. In the end I was driving slowly, windows opened, the 600mm on the knees, playing the sniper through the windows, as fast as possible, as soon as the car was stopped. The 5D2 auto-focus not being the fastest one out there, it proved to be rather challenging, but I managed to grab some decent shots after a few hours of chase. Back at home, my wife took care of the pumpkin carving, while I prepared the scarecrow outfit. We photographed both in the home studio, using quite different settings, since the light emitted by the candle in the pumpkin required a long exposure. I also took some feather photos while I was at it. Finally, around midnight, I took the barbecue outside, and snapped some flames and smoke. The post-processing phase was not too complicated from a technical point of view (just the regular masking/blending stuff), but it wasn\'t easy to place the birds in a believable way. Lots of tries and discussions with my wife, but it was worth it, since we both like the final result.




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