Fotokonst One Ring to bind them, and into trouble get them

Fotokonst - One Ring to bind them, and into trouble get them

Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak
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Titel: One Ring to bind them, and into trouble get them, Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak

Fotografens beskrivning: All the photos and editing by me. "I don't know what went wrong. We were young, we were in love. Life was good to us. One day, I felt it was the day. We were walking by that imposing church, as I felt it in my pocket. I can't remember when or how I found this ring. I just had it, for ages. A simple, yet beautiful golden ring. As my fingers touched it, I felt an irrepressible urge: I just had to propose her. Here and now. I stopped walking, knelt in front of her, and raised the shiny precious thing. It was glimmering so intensely that the light was strangely reflecting in her eyes. She was smiling, slowly raised her hand, so that her fingers were just next to the ring. This is when everything started. I don't know what went wrong..." I must admit it, I had great fun creating this image. I am a big fan of Tolkien's work: in fact I remember myself reading the "Lord of the Rings" on the way to the school, when I was 8 or so. It was such an incredible thrill to read all that epic adventure, it was almost like if I was part of it! I am happy I finally created an image on that theme. It is important to me to include a story in each of my creation. But what about including two stories at once? Sounded like a very interesting challenge! Using the "Good news/Bad news" mechanism in a visual way is definitely tricky, but hopefully some will find the result funny! Technically, quite obviously, my wife and I posed for the main couple. But it became very interesting when I had to pose for Gollum! While I am not that muscular, I dare to say I am better looking than Gollum ;-) It was very interesting to deform my body to get that result: 'Liquify' is not just for fashion models, you can also use it to make one look ugly! What I tend to find a bit disturbing, is the fact the resemblance definitely exists... The things you do for the sake of art, haha! Anyway, I also posed for the Nazgûl, and Saruman (can you find him?). As for Sauron's eye, it is entirely composed of fire photos that I made in my barbecue. Last but not least, that wonderful monument is the Church of St. Ouen, located in Rouen (France). If you visit the area, I strongly recommend visiting it, it is absolutely amazing. Thanks for watching, much appreciated!




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