Fotokonst Last vain resistance / Pig killing series

Fotokonst - Last vain resistance / Pig killing series

Fotograf: Vito Guarino
Bildens id: 457246







Titel: Last vain resistance / Pig killing series, Fotograf: Vito Guarino

Fotografens beskrivning: The pig killing - 1994-12-28 The photo was made 20 yard ago in Castelnuovo di Conza (SA), agricultural country in the Campania Apennines, already destroyed from the earthquake of Irpinia 1980. The piglets are bought in the spring fairs. We prefer the piglets males, who once castrated, are bred to be killed at the end of the year. Early in the morning the women light the fires to heat water that will serve to soften the bristles that will be scraped off with sharp knives. A little later the pig will be taken from the pigpen and slaughtered. The animal will be divided into quarters and will be selected meat to make sausages, hams and all the other products. Though it may seem very violent, this is a tradition that dates back to the dawn of time: even the ancient Romans appreciated the way to preserve the meat of these peoples. Now is forbidden to kill the pig in this way.




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