Poster: Misty Sunrise

Konstnär: Nadav Jonas

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Motiv: Misty Sunrise. Xingping, located by the Lee river, is very famous in China because it's unique landscape is printed on the back of the 20 Yuan bill. Improving financial situation allows more Chinese to travel and many of them desire to see the mystirius landscapes from the bills. Most of the travelers (including more 'serious' photographers) coming there to take photos at the waterlevel of the Lee river - similar to the iconic image on the 20 Yuan bill. Taking this exact photo become a national sport where everyone wants to brag with his version of the photo behind the bill. There are literally thousands of photos from this exact spot around the internet :-) My goal was different, though... There was a layer of mist that morning covering the river, not ideal for shooting from the waterlevel, so i decided to try my luck from the mountain view. A 2 hours hike at 4 am to the top gave me this view (at least as good as the 20 bill if you ask me :)) Link to the truly beautiful bill- http://www.chinafocustravel.com/uploads/travel_guide/20_Yuan_Note.jpg