Fotokonst Alike

Fotokonst - Alike

Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak
Bildens id: 321175







Titel: Alike, Fotograf: Christophe Kiciak

Fotografens beskrivning: All the photos and editing by me. I find it quite interesting to look at how people influence each other. It is very common to see people living together for a long time to have similar ideas, similar views and thoughts about the world. When I was a child, I remember identifying myself to various models (my parents, cartoon heroes, rock stars, etc.) and trying to act like them in some way. Mimicry is a learning strategy that lots of life forms follow, to a certain point. But then, what part of us is really us, and what part comes from the relations we have or had? Is there something like a "core" behavior? Or can we only be defined by the sum of our experiences? Or is it simply that we do we get along mostly with people that are already similar to us? I tried to translate those questions into a little image: here the body starts to bend itself, to look like the lollipop. Or was it already like that, and the man is fascinated by his new "friend"? You choose!




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