Poster: Sailing on the smoky river...

Konstnär: Liyun Yu

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Motiv: Sailing on the smoky river.... Gradually the boat sailed into my lens, soundlessly... It was a cold March morning while I was passing by the Pungo River and was attracted the smoky river surface. The foggy dense vapor gathered softly along the river and was moving slowly, seemed like a painting artwork to me. I tried to setup my camera to capture the scene when this boat appeared. I was almost immediately amazed by the impression of the picture where the sailor was standing on the slowly moving deck of the boat and focused on watching his waterway. From my angle I can only see his back and his long shadow projecting into the smoky vapor which was drifted behind the boat by merging into waves. At that very second of moment, I felt like I myself was also dragged into this picture by the waves - those homogeneously vibrated waves following the sailor's boat - from this poetic scene at that moment I wish I was also on the deck with the sailor to explore the unknown path. Please also notice that, the US flag on the boat is flying at half-staff, ordered by US President Obama, in honoring the victims of the attacks in Brussels, Belgium in March 2016. Pungo River is located in North Carolina, USA.