Fotokonst 20 little things about me.

Fotokonst - 20 little things about me.

Fotograf: Sarah Saratonina
Bildens id: 1101513







Titel: 20 little things about me., Fotograf: Sarah Saratonina

Fotografens beskrivning: My aim is to make a more contemporary still life photography, with vibrant colors, full of lighting and materials of our century, like plastic and ceramic. In this picture, we have a black background, my favorite one because it is easy to light and beautiful. And 20 little white pots (4cm diameter). 20 because I think it is a good number to make a frame full of pots! haha Inside the pots we have some spices that I love, like yellow peppers, fresh rosemary, curry and paprika. And nuts, candies and little balls of dark and white chocolate, because they are pretty and my daughter and I love them! Stellines pasta because my father is Italian and also because they are too cute. I also use some amulets like the greek eye, the hamsá and the mayan horoscope stone... well, I don't know how they work, but, maybe, just in case, however... A miniature Canon camera, mini red eyeglasses, mini crayons, mini 'robot' and mini keys because they are mini versions of things that I like. And pearls pendants because my mother and I like them. And swarovisk beads because I love colorful glasses. Little letters because I'm also a writer. I don't like beer, but sometimes I say to my husband he should drink some beer to relax, so I use the red crow cork. And I confess, I'm not a big fan of the parfum inside the blue and orange little glass, but it is made of glass and it is non reflexive, its shape is interesting, so I put it in the scene.




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