Fotokonst View from Sealy Range

Fotokonst - View from Sealy Range

Fotograf: Yan Zhang
Bildens id: 1098811







Titel: View from Sealy Range, Fotograf: Yan Zhang

Fotografens beskrivning: Mt Cook was my first stop for this New Zealand mountain trip. I took a very slim weather window went to 1800 m high Sealy Range, stayed one night in Mueller Hut - an alpine hut there. I arrived in the hut at 3:30pm, then the weather started to turn mad from evening, by the next day morning, the wind speed reached 70km/h, and started raining. I managed to make couple of shots during the dawn period from this high cliff edge while it was drifting. After finished morning shooting, I got off the mountain quickly before the heavy raining arrived.




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