Fotokonst Out of Darkness

Fotokonst - Out of Darkness

Fotograf: Vasco Trancoso
Bildens id: 1092367







Titel: Out of Darkness, Fotograf: Vasco Trancoso

Fotografens beskrivning: This is another photo from my project with photographs of people who inhabit an institution for older people. I felt that it opens another window of reflection on the subject. In general these are people who because of illness / disability or because they live isolated and have no family needed support and specialized treatment. Although they are accompanied by an institution (in this case the Misericórdia of Caldas da Rainha) with excellent general and specialized care - not forgetting the humanization - we always feel the presence of loneliness and pain - physical or psychological. As I was photographing could not help but have a growing sense of these people dwelling in a house full of shadows. It was as if the images I was making brought momentarily them out of the darkness all around. I wonder if pain will be inevitable at advanced ages. Because of diseases and physical limits inherent to aging and /or because there is the perception that we are going through the last chapter of life. It is not the case of being - or not - better prepared for the final moment, but as how you´re going through the last days on earth. Will be impossible to avoid psychological distress? Probably there will always be some pain – in a greater or lesser extent. However I realize that it is possible to reduce it. Attention and dialogue play a significant role. In fact the more we are distracted from the reality of the aging process – the more slowly and better we age. However the company of loved ones is the most important factor. It would be good that this project also helped to trigger appropriate waves of affection. Love is decisive until the end. Even when we are slowly falling asleep in the gloom of last days.




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