Poster: Freedom

Konstnär: Thomas T. McCleave

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Motiv: Freedom. I have been an aviation enthusiast all my life. A love that my late Father and Grandfather instilled in me as boy. I love every aspect of aviation: its history, the machines, piloting and restoration maintenance. My second love in life (outside of my wife) is photography, so blending aviation and photography is a natural passion. My wife graciously elected to attend an airshow with me for the day. She loves flying yet never learned about historic airplanes and their histories; she had no real knowledge of the rich and fascinating history I grew up on. I decided to surprise her with a ride in a historic bi-plane; a ride with a self-proclaimed modern day barnstormer. For me, this offered the best of all worlds, flying in a historic bi-plane with my wife and the opportunity for great photos. The shot was taken upwind, just as we started our crosswind turn- I tuned back behind to see the runway and noticed that the pilot truly looked like a barnstormer; his leather helmet, goggles and windblown scarf. Unable to rotate sideways to take the shot, I turned on the ‘back screen’ and held the camera over my head. The ‘help up’ camera angle also provided a perspective that was not attainable had I not rotated to take the shot. That perspective, along with the pilot’s expression, is the ‘key’ to this photo. For processing, I wanted to make it look old timey; also the B&W conversion and the sepia melted the modern runway into the grass adding to the mystery and adventure. My view was to portray the person and his machine; not normally recognized by their viewers, yet present something unique about that machine or situation. This shot shows the old machine, the pilot in his historic outfit and more importantly, his attention to flying, not the passengers. We normally see flying machines, not the expression of the pilots as they perform their routine. This shot captures a timeless moment. A timeless moment of the freedom. A freedom that all aviation enthusiast feel when they travel aloft. Thank you